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    Office Clerk

    Job requirements: 1. able to bear hardships and stand hard work, strong pressure resistance. 2. language communication ability, encountered unexpected things have a certain ability to respond.

    Quality control

    Job requirements: 1. Control the quality of the products, carry out the quality inspection according to the process book, 2, timely feedback on the product quality problems, and make suggestions for modification of the improper process

    Foreign trade salesman

    Job requirements: 1. Contact and maintain foreign customers and develop new overseas customers. 2. Negotiate and sign the foreign trade order. 3, preparing the export documents, export documents audit, order management.

    GODOWN keeper

    Job requirements: 1, obey the leadership arrangements, comply with the company and warehouse rules and regulations. 2, responsible for warehouse daily delivery, delivery, storage management, and strive to achieve accounts, cards, single, and material consistency, so that in the warehouse raw materials and finished products in good quality. 3, control the production of materials storehouse, in accordance with the FIFO principle issue.

    Factory address: No. 58, West Ring Road, Zhang Qiao Town, Jiangsu, Changshou City
    Factory, Address: 58, Xihuan, road, Zhangqiao, town, Changshu, city, Jiangsu, china.

    Tel: 0512-52466888 Fax: 0512-52466978

    Contact person: Ms. Liu, Ms. Chen

    Mailbox: holly@www.glidik.com, dania@www.glidik.com

    Address: B1502, World Trade Center, Changshou City
    Office:, RM, B1502, Changshu, world, trading, center, 45haiyu, North, RD, Changshu, City.
    Contact: Dai manager daniel@www.glidik.com