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    Jiangsu Cathay Pacific BMW Movie Salon
    team spirit

    "You are a collective, a person who fails, you do not win." Jiangsu Cathay Pacific BMW clothing, the first film to share the theme of "team spirit", you are welcome to join.

    Film synopsis
    The film tells the story of a high school basketball coach who led his school team to work hard. Samuel Jackson plays the controversial Carter coach in the play. After coach Carter make a basketball team defeated finally become invincible Chang Sheng wang. He proved through his actions that school education shapes and guides the team on the right path, not just basketball.

    Movie sharing time: 17:30 p.m., February 23, 2017
    Venue: big conference room, four floor, Cathay Pacific BMW, Jiangsu
    Registration: by sending the name + group number to the WeChat public platform (extracts the first thirty employees of this factory to participate in this event).
    Site benefits: provide drinks and snacks