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    Cathay Pacific BMW eighth women's games

    Yesterday, the sun was shining and the spring was warm, and all the goddesses of Jiangsu Cathay Pacific BMW Clothing Co. came together to celebrate the 38 International Women's day. Before the game began, the ladies in the QC department danced for the participants.

    Then, by Tao Weixian, general manager for all female workers speech congratulations.

    The game began in full swing.

    Act as a go-between

    Sheared end


    Awarding ceremony
    Act as a go-between
    No. 1: the 8 group, Sun Lihua
    Second place: business department, Zhu Chenjie
    Third place: group 1, Zhu Jingzhen

    Sheared end
    No. 1: the 4 group of Hu Hui
    Second place: quality control department, You Ruifen
    Third place: finishing Shen Yulan

    Third place: 1 groups

    Second place: 8 groups

    First place: 2 groups

    The games not only tested the working ability of female workers, but also strengthened their cohesion, and carried forward the spirit of "never admit defeat" and "give up". It was important to be happy. I hope that all the BMW queens will continue to maintain such character and can continue to carry forward their work in the future.